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BMC Compliance


Compliance training is a necessary evil of employee training. Nobody likes it. It is boring, dry and there are so many other things your employees would rather do. Our Knowledge Management System (“KMS”) helps companies deliver a web-based training program that uses animations and activities to retain the employees’ attention. This also helps enhance their compliance knowledge which positions them to provide better institutional and personal growth.  Equally important, the KMS also improves company performance by ensuring training activities align with the employee development needs.

The KMS is built in the cloud and needs no installation of software, upgrade or backup of anything.  It can be implemented rapidly at a minimum up-front cost with a pricing structure that is tailored specifically for your current needs and future growth plans.  It helps reduce IT hardware and support costs rather than maintaining an internal training system or an extensive training department.

It’s supported by people that are passionate about learning and training that understand the financial lending regulations and how it effects the consumer, employees and management.  The courses are built to be completed in no more than 10 minutes followed by a testing engine, that is optimized to test the knowledge of the employee on the course they just completed.  The testing is geared towards ensuring the person understands the training and how it will impact them.  


Our KMS Offers:

Required regulatory compliance training and testing

Ability to works on a wide variety of applications, browsers and is optimized for use on all popular mobile devices

Privacy – it is built with a Multi-tier architecture which allows each client to operate within their own silo

Data analytics capabilities enabling real-time reporting of information to help benchmark the agent’s success

Ability to take multiple forms of media and convert it into a true E-learning course

It Supports SCORM, Tin Can, and XAPI, notifications, surveys, gamification, and social integration to better enhance the user experience

Is updated as laws and regulations change

Offers training that is specific to the industry (Consumer lending, financial services, Prepaid and credit cards, Call Center, Lead Generators and More….)